Omaha, NE.  September 16-19, 2022

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2022-23 Pilgrimages


Very Reverend James P. Morgan

Diocese of Sioux Falls

November 7 – November 17, 2022

FULL – Wait List Only


Bishop Edward Rice

Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau 

November 6-16, 2023


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2022 Annual Donation

A letter have been mailed to all Knights and Dames asking for them to prayerfully consider making their annual donation to the Order.  This year, for your convenience, the Northern Lieutenancy is offering an electronic payment option. This is through our DonorSnap software using a secure payment website.  Click HERE to be taken to the payment page

You may make a donation by check payable to EOHSJ Northern Lieutenancy and mail to


Sir David M. Byrne, KC*HS


PO Box 540004

Omaha, NE  68154

2022 GRACE Project Providing Funds for Specific Holy Land Needs
Over the years, we have spoken of ways we can make a significant impact into the daily lives of the Christians in the Holy Land. After speaking with Sir Michael & Dame Mary Partington, Chairs of our Lieutenancy GRACE Committee, they have investigated the special project list that is published each year by the Grand Magisterium. As a reminder, the GRACE acronym is for – Growth, Retention and Continuing Education – and the project they suggested personifies this mission.
Sir Michael & Dame Mary have written a letter (Click HERE to view the letter) with the details on supplying funds to purchase interactive projectors for the LPJ schools in Palestine (Click HERE for a detailed description of the projector project)
Please review the project and if you feel inclined, please use this link to donate electronically to the project. If your prefer, contributions by check (*please note as a contribution to the Holy Land Project*) can also be mailed to:
EOHSJ Northern Lieutenancy
P.O. Box 540004
Omaha, NE 68154
Any contribution you make is tax-deductible contribution and you will receive a tax letter.