Annual Meeting


Denver, CO  September 20-23 2024

More details in late Spring 2024.

2023-24 Pilgrimages

2023 Pilgrimage is Postponed

Bishop Edward Rice – FULL

Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau 

November 6-16, 2023


Archbishop Joseph Naumann

Oct 28 to Nov , 2024


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Photos of recent events


The following guides provide detailed information for our Knights, Dames, Clergy and Investees. By clicking on the underlined title below, the guide will open as a PDF file in a new web browser window.

Area Councillor Guide 3rd Edition December 2018

The Area Councillor Guide, 3rd Edition updated December 2018, has been moved to the Councillors resource page. Please log in to see or down load this guide.

Annual Meeting Weekend Dress Guide updated March 2019

This guide provides detailed information on the proper dress for each event on every day of our Annual Meeting.

Uniform and Dress Guide – 2nd edition December 2018

Created in 2016, updated in Sept 2017 and in December 2018, this 2nd edition updated guide describes the traditions of our ceremonial and formal dress. It provides detailed information on what the appropriate dress is for each occasion and offers photos of Knights and Dames of various ranks wearing their insignia.